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Tips to Build a Successful Career in 3D Modeling
26 August 2021
3D modeling has been around for far longer than most of us realize. Ground-breaking enthusiasts were already making digitized 3D models as far back as the 80’s. Viewpoint, the first company that sold 3D models to turn a profit, was founded in 1988.
All about viruses in 3Ds Max
16 August 2021
Users have long been accustomed to the fact that it is necessary to use Antivirus on computers. But there are software viruses which spoil 3Ds Max programs. An ordinary antispyware soft is powerless against them. The Prune Scene secures your files.
Methods for producing knowledge in 3D industry
26 August 2021
Every time flipping through the feed on YouTube or browsing news portals, I have not had time to cover all my wishes for a long time, and the folder with tutorials on 3D modeling and visualization only absorbs tons of materials. An overabundance of information today squeezes from all sides, so one of the main tasks of the modern specialists is to try to somehow understand all this diversity. Hello everyone, in this article I will reveal a little about the topic of training in the 3D industry, the topic of tutorials and lectures on video hosting, and of course everyone's favorite online courses. And I will tell whether there is any alternative to all of this.
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